Standard ML SourceForge Project

This is the web page for the Standard ML SourceForge project (short name: SML). It is very much "under construction". See also the Standard ML Summary page.

Project Description

The Standard ML project supports coordination between different implementations of the Standard ML (SML) programming language by maintaining common tools and resources such as standard test suites. Our goal is to increase compatibility and resource sharing between Standard ML implementations.

Project Members

The current project members (with SourceForge login names) are: Contact any of the designated Project Managers to become a member of the project, supplying your SourceForge login name. You can also ask to be a Project Manager on the project. Being a Project Manager grants you additional capabilities, such as maintaining the mailing lists, adding new members, etc.

Mailing lists

The project has two mailing lists. Visit the info page for a list to subscribe.
Name: sml-implementers

Name: sml-list

CVS repository

The CVS repository is See the Howto document for some hints on getting started with CVS.

Anonymous ftp directory

The SML project has an anonymous ftp directory at URL

Home directory

The SML project home directory is The project web pages are maintained in the subdirectory htdocs.

Implementations of Standard ML

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