SML/NJ Project Howto

This is a collection of hints and pointers to help new users of SourceForge and CVS to use the facilities of the Standard ML project. For general information on using SourceForge, see the SourceForge Documentation Manager and the "Getting Started with SourcForge" link on that page under the heading "General Documentation".

Note: loginname stands for the SourceForge user login name.

Project directory

The SML project directory path is:
This directory contains subdirectories htdocs and cgi-bin.

Copy an html source file (localfile) to the smlnj sourceforge site

   scp localfile

Login to sourceforge user account

   ssh -l loginname
Your home directory will look something like: /home/users/m/ma/macqueen.

Setting up CVS access

  1. In your user Account Maintenance page, go to "Shell Account Information" and click [Edit Keys] next to "CVS/SSH Shared Keys". Insert contents of ~/.ssh/ file on your local machine into the text box.

  2. Set CVS_RSH:
         export CVS_RSH=ssh
  3. Set CVSROOT:
  4. Run ssh-agent and ssh-add for convenience:
         eval `ssh-agent`
         ssh-add <<EOF
         your pass phrase
  5. execute cvs commands (without needing -d arguments), e.g.:
         cvs update test

Here is a shell script that I "source" on my local host to automate the cvs setup.

  export CVS_RSH=ssh
  eval `ssh-agent`
  ssh-add <<EOF
  my pass phrase

Dave MacQueen
Last modified: Wed Feb 21 14:10:48 EST 2001